These Charts Put the Historic U.S. Job Losses in Perspective VisualCapitalist

Job losses in the United States

This next data visual is created by Visual Capitalist, and it focuses on the unemployment consequence of the COVID-19. It is no surprise that COVID-19 has rocked the economy and left millions unemployed. This visual compares the United States unemployment over time since the 1970’s. Each bubble size is based on the number of people who filed for unemployment. The color choice of red against a light orange background really makes these elements explode on the chart. And to top it off, the bubbles have an image inside that sums up the event period. 

In the period Visual Capitalist calls the “Great Lockdown”, it was recorded that over 22 million people filed for unemployment in the United States. As you scroll down the chart, it compares the unemployment of the United States against other large economies of the world. This different take on COVID-19 provides a clear insight on the after-effects from this pandemic. 

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