Twilight Photography: How it helps & why use it?

and Why You Should Use it

Real estate photography is essential to the successful marketing of homes. Without visual content, homes are almost impossible to sell. The ultimate goal of property photography is to showcase the home at its best. Twilight photography is one technique that helps to highlight the property’s exterior. In this article, we will discuss why real estate agents should take it seriously and how they can make the most out of it.

What is Twilight Photography

Real estate twilight photography is the process of showcasing a home’s exterior by photos taken at dusk. Twilight photography is not easy as there is a narrow window of time to get a decent shot and it also needs lots of expertise and experience. Twilight photos are usually taken 5- minutes after dusk. To take a twilight shot all interior and exterior lights available in the home should be on but at the same level making sure they are not too bright. 

Twilight photography

You might try to get the shot yourself but only a professional photographer with advanced equipment can deliver optimal results. 

Why Real Estate Twilight Photography

A twilight exterior photo taken at dusk does a great job showcasing landscape and property exterior including lighting, backyard, garden, pools, etc. 

Twilight shots are exceptionally beautiful and appeal to homebuyers because they present eye-catching views which differ from the regular exterior shot and other interior shots. Due to their dreamy nature, they tend to do a better job at grabbing home buyers’ attention. 

Which Properties Should Have Twilight Photography

You can use twilight photography for almost any property since you can capture the beauty of dusk and sunset. However, to maximize its effects, it’s best to use twilight photography for homes that have lots of exterior lighting and exterior features like pools, backyards, etc. 

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